Majestified by you, Casaroro!

My one day trip to Dumaguete City didn't went like 'Hello Dumaguete' and 'Goodbye Dumaguete' mood. Yes, the hardest thing to beat on this day was time, but that did not hinder me and my gang to explore one more well-hidden gem on this part of the country. How 'well-hidden' this gem is? Stay with me… Continue reading Majestified by you, Casaroro!

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Camiguin Travel Guide

Nicknamed as the "Island Born of Fire", little Camiguin is the second smallest island in the Philippines in terms of area and population. Within this small area lies seven volcanoes, with Mt. Hibok-hibok and Mt. Vulcan as the most popular, and the five towns of Mambajao, Catarman, Mahinog, Sagay and Guinsiliban. Not only a home… Continue reading Camiguin Travel Guide


Camiguin: White Island and Katibawasan Falls (Day 2)

Waken up by the morning sound of Uncle Pat's roosters feels like being back to my childhood years, where I don't have to worry about the traffic, the stress in work and the abnormalities of this world. LELS 😀 We hit the road earlier than yesterday to cover our remaining destinations for today. And our first stop… Continue reading Camiguin: White Island and Katibawasan Falls (Day 2)