Pre-birthday trip in Zambales: Yay or Nay?

Deciding where to go on a trip is certainly not a problem for a travel craver like me. With how the Philippines is blessed with so much beauty, be it in the mountains or the shorelines, picking a place to explore should be as easy as eating ice cream.
Nature at its best! 😍🌴👒
But when your trip is about celebrating your birthday, the story becomes different then, all because you want that trip to happen in a special place. I browsed my bucket list and searched the internet for days. After contemplating for quiet a while, I finally decided to spend my pre-birthday trip in Zambales.
Three months after that ‘birthday trip’, I am now in the state where I had to ponder if Zambales was really worth spending my special day with. Today, I looked at the pictures I took, reminisced the experience I had, and I think I already have the answers. What is it that Zambales could possibly offer so she could make it to that ‘must-go places list’? Read on and I think we will have the same answer to my question.
Thrilling views at Capones Islands
Ticking Capones Island off my bucket list literally made it to the top of my most challenging travel experiences. Imagine disembarking the boat while at sea, and walking or swimming through the crashing waves to be able to reach the shores? That might sound overrated but yeah, that’s what I had to do to see what Capones is all about.
Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In flashes across time. ❤️
Speaking of thrilling views, Capones Island is indeed one for the books! Everything just looked amazing and anywhere was just picture-perfect.
Pristine white beach and crsytal clear waters of Anawangin Cove
Zambales is almost always associated with Anawangin Cove. While I spent just about an hour here, my heart still had the pleasure of staring at one of the best beach views in the country.
Beach more. Worry less. 💦
The beach at Anawangin might not be as white or have clear waters as Palawan, Boracay or Siargao, but the vibe here is surely very chill and relaxing. It’s the kind of place where you just wanna hang out all day – reading your new-found book, listening to your favorite music or just simply doing nothing.



Majestic and fairytale-like scenery of Mt. Nagsasa
“Don’t climb mountains so that people can see you. Climb mountains so that you can see the world.” 🏕
‘Wow!’ was the only word I managed to utter when I’ve got to see Mt. Nagsasa up-close. It was astonishing to see how Nagsasa Cove is blessed with so much beauty and tranquility.

For a nature-lover like me, the views of Mt. Nagsasa is truly a feast not only for my eyes but more so for my heart. A feeling of gratitude swept over me knowing that in the midst of a fast-pacing lifestyle, there is still a spot like Nagsasa that could always remind us to slow down, go back to the basics, and be contented with how our lives unfold everyday.

This place is so full of life! 🍃🌾


Picturesque coast of Nagsasa Cove
There’s no better place to see Nagsasa Cove at than here. Quiet an uphill climb, but the views at the top will make you forget how tiring it was to get there.
Hello mountains! ⛰ Hello beach! 🏝 Hello Nagsasa! 😍


A tranquil spot tophill overlooking a serene beauty of nature
An unexpected experience and most probably the highlight of my birthday trip. While just staring at nothingness, it was the calming aura of this place that made me realize I am so blessed; that despite my flaws, I am so blessed to be able to experience this kind of peace.
“Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out.” 👒
Apart from taking pictures, please make the time to truly experience this place. We may not have the same realizations, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be moved by something else.


A ‘quite’ beach bumming experience
Because Nagsasa Cove have longstretched shores, it is surely able to offer anyone a lone beach spot to enjoy.

Don’t get your expectations too high though. Just like Anawangin’s, the sand here aren’t as fine as Boracay’s and the waters as well are not as inviting as Palawan’s. It served it’s purpose nevertheless – to provide people a non-crowded beach bumming experience and that alone is already too much for me.

A spectacular and ‘dramatic’ sunset
I am such a “Look at the sky!”, “Look at the sunset!”, “Look at the moon!” type of person. I love chasing sunsets (and sunrises too!) because I find them magical for no particular reason.
I don’t believe that sunsets in other parts of the world are more beautiful than here. For me, sunsets are always equally beautiful wherever it may be. 🌄

If there’s one thing about Zambales that I can’t possibly be over with, its the euphoria of like having set foot in paradise. For about 28 hours of my life, my eyes laid upon the most beautiful living things Mother Nature could possibly have given birth to Earth.

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man. And Zambales just sits at the top of the list. 🌴

Everywhere you look at, there’s always something to get awed to; there’s always something to be amazed with. Long stretch of sandy shores, picturesque coves, lush greenery of the mountainsides, blue-colored waters, breathtaking islands, heart-stopping views. Name every single one of what you think is the perfect description of paradise and Zambales will surely not disappoint.


So, was my pre-birthday trip in Zambales a yay or a nay? The answer was pretty obvious, friend! Happy wandering!

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