Majestified by you, Casaroro!

My one day trip to Dumaguete City didn’t went like ‘Hello Dumaguete’ and ‘Goodbye Dumaguete’ mood. Yes, the hardest thing to beat on this day was time, but that did not hinder me and my gang to explore one more well-hidden gem on this part of the country. How ‘well-hidden’ this gem is? Stay with me on this article as I reminisce the beauty and majesty of Negros Oriental’s Casaroro Falls. 😉

A well-kept treasure 🐾

A twenty-minute jeepney ride to the town of Valencia, another 15 to 20 minutes motorcyle ride to the jump-off, a 355 steps trek going down, and another 1.5 km trek on a hundred of boulders: those are basically, the things one need to endure just to get a glimpse of Casaroro Falls.


Anything is adventure with always on the go friends! 👻

Dwelling within the stern and tough mountains of Valencia, Casaroro Falls boasts of its height (100 feet) and unique narrow cascades. Casaroro is now considered to be the most photograph falls in the entire Negros Province.

The motorcycle drivers we hired to bring us to the jump off volunteered to accompany us to the trek down. As it was raining that day, they told us that we might have to retreat from the trek if the rain falls harder because we might get washed up by the streaming waters.

Thank you to our two very kind guides ❤️

Along with our kuya Guides, we went on with our adventure and contained our excitement to focus on the trail. And just exacly how our guides described how our trip would be like, the journey to Casaroro Falls indeed, (as most bloggers put it) is not for the faint-hearted ones and the weak-kneed beings.

The trek going down alone would haunt you for the rest of the day! 😮 Honestly, I didn’t have any idea of what we are about to go through during this trip. 😆 I wish I had read some reviews first prior to this trip. 😏

Anyways, I’ll let my pictures talk about this extraordinary trip I had. 😄

Candid. 👣
Smile girls! Smile! 😆
Shaking knees plus cold waters. 🙀
Equals a very needed pose! 😎

We may look like very relaxed in our pictures guys but please don’t be fooled! ✌️ It had been a very challenging trail for us men!

Catching her breath now. 😳
Almost there! 😋

And everything we went through just to get to know Casaroro were dreamy-like moments now. The view at the end of this nerve-wrecking trail is indeed a beauty to behold!

You are a one true treasure Casaroro!

The sound of the cascading waters, the roughness of the rocks scattered around the bottom of the falls, and the green lushing beings in the wild, completes the beauty of this rare scenery. Everything is just perfect in this place!

Dare to look back and this is what you get. 😮
Lailai is having the time of her life down there! 😊
And I’m also having the time of my life up here! ✌️

After about 30 minutes of cooling our nerves, we started to gather our things and made our way back up as we intend to be back in Cebu at the end of day.

One last glance.

Well, with all the raindrops and boulders we had to endure as we made our entrance to Casaroro Falls, I say this had been the highlight of our day.

If you’ll ask me what to prepare before going here aside from the money and time? I’ll suggest you prepare yourself for a very strenuous activity and for a very worth-it-all scenery.

Happy travelling wanderers! ❤️❤️

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