6 Simple but Big Reasons to Fall in love with Dumaguete: In a matter of 9 hours

This trip was, by far the most unplanned and unexpected getaway my friends and I had. We were so bored and stressed while attending our HRM class prior that day, and so we agreed to embark on another destressing activity. After plotting down our varied concerns, we all decided to find ourselves in DUMAGUETE, no less. 😊

Boulevard of dreams coming true 💜💜

Ranking 5th on Forbes Magazine’s 2015 “Best Places to Retire in the World”, many had already told me that Dumaguete is a kind of place impossible to leave without loving her. And my recent trip proved them so right.

We love Dumaguete, of course 💙💙

Wanna know why, as well??? Here’s my thoughts to help you ponder. 😉

  1. Dumaguete reminds you to go back to the basics of life.

Dumaguete City is very, very unlike other cities I’ve come to visit. Yes. The place also comes alive as early as five o’clock in the morning, but not for people to rush in the streets to catch a ride for work. Surprising for a so-called ‘city’ isn’t it?😊😊


When we arrived there, many locals were already doing early morning exercises, jogging, and zumba dancing. Other residents were just simply there, sitting on one of the boulevard benches, watching the sun rises, while some on the other hand were headed with their families for an early morning mass. Very  basic and simple living indeed. 👍

Good morning Dumaguete! 😊

2. Don’t know where to catch a ride to your next destination? Ask any locals and you’re good to go.

Dumaguete wouldn’t earn “The City of Gentle People” tagline for nothing. Local residents of this gentle city will willingly extend an extra hand just to help you go on with your trip, find a place to eat and stay, or buy souvenirs.

On our way to the oldest American school in the country – Silliman University 🎒

During our visit, the motorcycle drivers we hired to drive us to Casaroro Falls even volunteered to be our guide without asking for a fee in return.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral 😇

3. Food is everywhere, cheap and delicioso! 

Finding a place to eat wouldn’t be a problem to anyone touristing the city. Just across Rizal Boulevard are a number of bistros and restaurants offering a variety of food and deserts.


I have tried just Sans Rival Bistro during my visit. Their food is really good and tasty, while maintaining a reasonable price. I promise to try other restos there when I get back, though. 😋

4. Wandering around with your smartphones out in the sun? No worries.

Roma, the explorer! 👣

Dumaguete isn’t all about a place for cheap retirement. Many foreigners also consider this city as one of the safest to live in the country (aside from Davao, of course). In fact, many foreign retirees are favoring to inhabit this place, not only because of the cheap cost of living but more so of the secured environment.

Just wandering around. 😎

5. Tourist spots within the city are just near to each other, and can all be visited within a day.

There are many sights to visit in Dumaguete City. Rizal Boulevard alone offers a good view to anyone who has the time to spent there.



Quezon Park, Dumaguete Cathedral and Belfry Tower also sat across each other within the city center. Offering a prayer in the belfry or wandering around the park, will always be a good idea.

Feels like Dumaguete, huh? 😊

Even Silliman University on the other side of town, is alone, a haven of beautiful things to see in Dumaguete. From its green East Quadrangle, the University Church, and down to its famous Anthropology Museum, this old American School is but like another world inside the city.

Silliman University Church, celebrating its 100 years.
Well you look at how picturesque this place coud be! 📷😆

6. Dumaguete is a gateway to other raw and beautiful destinations.

The most to see outside of Dumaguete are Siquijor, Sibulan and Bais City. These places are just a bus, jeepney, or ferry away from the city. Explore some great beaches in Siquijor, be one with nature in Sibulan, and see some wonderful bottlenose dolphins in Bais.

The relaxing shorelines of Rizal Boulevard. ☺️

These are just very simple and easy reasons to find when I finally came to visit this beautiful city. I had no hard time liking Dumaguete because of its raw nature as a place. When any of you have already been here or is yet to come to Dumaguete, I wish we share the same thoughts.

Happy travelling fellows! ✈️🌍

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