Camiguin: Mantigue Island and Sto. Nino Cold Springs (Day 2)

Bursting from a sumptuous lunch in one of the ‘eat-all-you-can’ resto in Mambajao, we again drove to the jumpoff point of our next destination. Where are we heading next?? Hmmm.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


To no other than the very beautiful, very rare Mantigue Island! πŸš£β›΅

Invading Mantigue Island 😝😝
Isn’t she beautiful? πŸ‘

Mantigue is a small island that can be reached within 25-30 minutes by boat from San Roque, in the town of Mahinog, Camiguin. With its evergreen forest fringed with white coral sands, Mantigue has become one of the favorites among the usual tourist spots in Camiguin.

Here goes the ‘mandatory’ jumpshot again! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Boats going to the island cost Php350.00. Also, an entrance fee of Php30.00 per person is collected at Mantigue Island.


The entrance to Mantigue forest. 😎
Here’s Lailai enjoying the ‘personalized’ amenities of the island.
Photography is her lifetime loveπŸ’™

Unlike the bare White Island, this beautiful islet is blessed with rich forestry. And just like what we did, please don’t miss out Mantigue’ forest trail. You’ll appreciate how the locals give much importance to nature. You’ll surely be in love with Camiguin more.

The long trail to the center of Mantigue Β πŸ‘

And while urban cities practice clearing plants and trees to build roads and pathways, its the other way round here in Mantigue.

We had to bend our bodies down while passing this part of the forest trail.

The long walk to the end of the trail takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your speed. And while your there, savor the tranquility and peacefulness of the place, and please don’t disturb the silence within. Β Ssshh! 😯

Fairy tales πŸ’‘
Tired, but not down! πŸ˜‚

At the end of the trail are these beautiful and very picturesque arts of nature.



Mantigue is indeed one of the best spots to visit in Camiguin. Aside from not having to expose your bare skin to the sun all the time of your stay, one thing you’ll really enjoy here is the peaceful sound of silence.


But unlike White Island’s very soft sandbar, that of Mantigue’s are not very friendly to any bare feet. Mantigue sands are very rocky and sharp.

Rocky? Yeah! But still a beautiful beachfront. 😎

Setting aside that downside though, Mantigue Island is still worth a visit. With it’s bare and very natural features, you’ll appreciate more and more the locals of Camiguin for being so sensitive about leaving the nature live its own way of life.



And after an hour of making our presence felt in the island, we made our way back to Brgy. San Roque and had captured this beautiful colors.


The wind is celebrating life with us. 😊

End of the road?? No, no, no, no. We still have one destination left on our list. And the best thing we could do there was to cool our bodies for a trip well done.

Its getting cold men! πŸ˜€

Sto. NiΓ±o Cold Spring is located in Catarman, Camiguin. Waters coming out from this spring is about 20 degrees Celcius in temperature and are suprisingly crystal clear.


This spring is dubbed as one of the most famous spring in Camiguin. The place is usually crowded during weekends, holidays and summer especially. Entrance fee to the resort costs Php20.00 per person.



There are a number of cottages and tables for rent in the area. If guests want, resort staff can cook a variety of dishes for a fee, usually grilled ones (yummy! πŸ˜›).

Roma trying the slides!

We never stayed long here as it was getting late. Primarily, we just came to experience the place. And we did enjoy it! 😊😊

All in all, our Camiguin trip turned out to be better than we expected. Well, any trip will if you have the kind of friends like mine.

Travelling Minions πŸ‘†

‘Till my next voyage folks! πŸ˜‰

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