Camiguin: White Island and Katibawasan Falls (Day 2)

Waken up by the morning sound of Uncle Pat’s roosters feels like being back to my childhood years, where I don’t have to worry about the traffic, the stress in work and the abnormalities of this world. LELS 😀

We hit the road earlier than yesterday to cover our remaining destinations for today. And our first stop is the majestic WHITE ISLAND.
The very beautiful White Island backgrounded  by the “Sleeping Giantess”. (Photo credits to
The long strand of sandbar in White Island. (Photocredits to

The boat terminal for White Island is located near Paras Beach Resort in Yumbing, Mambajao. Just ask any locals and they will surely help you find it.

We’re coming for you White Island! :p

We rented two boats as only six persons are allowed in one boat and there were eight of us who will be going to White Island (including Uncle Pat and his youngest Ralph). We paid a rental fee of Php450.00 per boat and an environmental fee of Php20.00 per pax. We divided ourselves into two groups and got my troop with names Michael, Cath and Lailai. We were assigned to board Boat #42.

The jumpoff point to White Island.

I realized in this trip, that you do not only look forward to what’s ahead, but you can always look back to the things you have left behind. (Ahw. How poetic! 🙂 )

Unfortunately, we arrived in White Island with almost the whole sandbar covered with water. It was already high tide when we get there and sadly we cannot enjoy the sandbar anymore.

Tourists like us, beaching their lives! 👙

Well, we can’t ruin our day for that. What we did was just enjoy the waters. The bluish waters of White Island would really entice you to go swimming and go beachin’ too!

Cheers to our photographer! 😝😝
Underwater sharks?? I mean underwater Barney! 🐙🐋

With White Island alone, Camiguin indeed is very blessedly beautiful.

Smiling colors of White Island 👍
I’m a NOMAD at heart ✈🌍

We spent around 20 to 30 minutes in the waters. And before we finally decided to leave, its now a must to take our mandatory jumpshot. 😁

Simple celebration of life.

One of the best practice I have noticed in Camiguin is the way they make an effort to preserve the existence of White Island. While we were boarding back our boats, our boatman told us that he will be washing our feet first with sea water. When we asked why, he said that White Island sands are not to be brought out of White Island. Super amazing, isn’t it??!! Applause for the local government of Camiguin! 👏👏


Not taking longer than we expect, we arrived at one of the most visited falls in Camiguin, the Katibawasan Falls.

Barney and Roma, before heading to that breathtaking Katibawasan trek 😊

While catching our breath on our way to Katibawasan, our eyes were also catching the greenish beauty of Camiguin. Lush vegetation around Camiguin made us fall in love with the place more.

Katibawasan Falls, which is located on the southwest part of Mambajao, cascades 250 ft. down to a pool surrounded with orchids and ferns.

Majestic indeed 😍

Entrance fees to Katibawasan falls cost only Php30.00 per head. So, if you’re going to Camiguin anytime from now, don’t miss out Katibawasan.

Saying “Hello Katibawasan!”
When in travel, friends are the best things to bring 😃😃

Before heading back to Mambajao proper, our Katibawasan experience will never be complete without eating ‘kiping’ – a delicacy made from dried sweet potatoes drizzled with latik (a sweet caramelized coconut sauce).

Snacking 101 😝

That morning was very beautiful for the six of us. With our wet looking bodies and sun-tanned faces, we went back to the town to satisfy our growling tummies. Hoolah! 😯

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