Camiguin: Ardent Hot Spring, Viola Halo-halo, Bonfire in Sagay (Day 1)

Just a little bit farther from the Walkway to the Old Volcano, we made our next hop.  Not to take selfies or buy pasalubong items, but to satisfy our hungry tummies! Yum yum yum 😋😋😋 We found a small restaurant by the roadside on our way to Mambajao. For a total amount of Php440.00 (already good for 7 persons), we went back to Uncle Pat’s cab with our bellies bulging with delight.

Cath and I while waiting for our orders. Feeling 'senyoritas'!! :):)
Cath and I while waiting for our orders. Feeling ‘senyoritas’!! :):)

Adhering to Filipino tradition, it’s time to find a place to relax after our satisfying meal. And now, we go to Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort.

Family picture 😜😜
You can do better than that guys! Wackier please! 😜😜
Beautiful Lailai 👍
Beautiful Lailai 👍

Located in the mountainside of the famous Hibok-Hibok volcano, Ardent Hot Springs is one of the real highlights in the beautiful province of Camiguin.

As per information provided by, the hot, crystal clear water of Ardent comes right out of the forest with a temperature of just above 40 degrees Celcius. It is then mixed with some colder water and guided into 4 separate pools which are arranged in cascades.


The highest pool has the highest temperature of  40 degrees Celcius while the second pool is the biggest with about 35 degrees Celcius and is perfect for swimming. The water in the two other pools is colder and offer some refreshments after a hot bath.

Cottages for rent.

There are several cottages for rent in the place. As for us, we opted to take tables and chairs for a rental fee of Php70.00.

Before taking a dip into the hot spring, we were told by Uncle Pat to take a cold water bath first. And so we did! By the way, here are the other guidelines when using the pool.


Entrance fees to Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort cost only Php30.00 per person.       Its that affordable that I think tourists bound for Camiguin should not miss this destination.

After our fresh water splashes, we made our way towards the 2nd level pool of Ardent where water has a depth of around five feet. Its my first time to bathe in a hot spring and wooh! My first is just so relaxing.


After a while, my friend realized one simple, disgusting thing: that those people directly above us (those in the picture 😠) where rubbing off their dead skins down the pool and their body dirts are directly flowing with the hot waters toward us. She urged us to transfer to the highest pool and good thing, there’s nobody occupying there.

There in the hot pool, we slowly relaxed our tired feet. We talked about a lot of things while letting the waters calm our nerves. Woooh! What an experience with friends! 😄

After about an hour of relaxed swimming, my friends and I decided to freshen up and head to Mambajao public market to buy our consumables for that night and the next day.

Mambajao Public Market
Mambajao Public Market
Land Bank of the Philippines in Mambajao, just right across the Public Market.
Land Bank of the Philippines in Mambajao, just right across the Public Market.

Bargain here and there, bargain everywhere! That’s how Filipinos do a shopping thing right ?? 😆

Seafood all night!

We decided to skip Katibawasan Falls for today as it was already 3 p.m. What we did instead was to devour on one of the best halo-halo in town in Viola’s Snackbar. 😋

Isn’t it yummy?! 😋😋
Come visit Viola! 🙂

We got home at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Thanks to Uncle Pat’s safe driving, we also got some minutes for a very needed nap.

After eating a very sumptuous dinner prepared by the Reboldal family (I can’t quiet forget how full I was that night 😛), we then prepared our things for our mandatory activity that night. We’re going on a bonfireeee! 🙌🙌

So sorry captain! Hotdogs on fire! 😜😜😜

Cold air. Dark night. Warm fire. Bright stars. No doubt. That night was one of the best times in my life.

Friends for life. Friends for keeps 👍

Resting our backs on the shore while looking at the flickering shadows of the light, while listening to the rushing waves of the sea, while spending quality talks with the best pals in the world, makes me thank how good really God is for blessing me with this life.




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