Underwater Heaven in Pescador Island

After having spent some 30 minutes in taking quick glances in Moalboal town proper (you can read my separate post here), we finally headed to our first listed destination – the White Beach or best known in town as ‘Bas Dako’.

Kuya Ronald, the driver has a very big serious problem here right??? 😝😝😝
Kuya Ronald, the driver has a very big serious problem here right??? 😝😝😝

We took a 10 minute-ride with Kuya Ronald’s tricyle from the town center to Bas Dako and fared Php30.00 per pax for one way. I can’t help myself laughing while I’m captioning this picture at the left. (Hahaha 😸😸) You wouldn’t believe it really, but Kuya Ronald was standing literally while driving the tricyle from the first minute ’til the time we get to the beach. Isn’t it amazing? 😛😛

Here we come beach! 👍 😜

Along the way, we saw much of Moalboal’s green side. By the way, the road going to Bas Dako isn’t completely concrete, so better yet expect some little moments of a bumpy ride. There are also fees we had to fee before reaching the beach, Php5.00 per head for the environmental fee and  Php10.00 per head for the entrance fee.

‘Bas Dako’ is the vernacular of vast sand. True enough, Bas Dako can offer anybody that. While still making our way to the sandbank, my thoughts lingered on the very beautiful and fine Antig Tingko Beach in Alcoy (read it here). I wish I hadn’t because when we finally made it to the shores of Bas Dako, it wasn’t what I expected. Like any other beach, Bas Dako beachfronts have also its own share of resorts and cottages, tables for rent and some restaurants. But unlike other beaches I’ve been to (Tingko for example), the place is very crowded and dirty. White sand? Check, but not as fine as Alcoy’s. I wanna stop describing it here for the moment. 😊 Maybe, it was not just the perfect timing for us to visit Bas Dako. You can visit it personally and give it your own dose of thoughts.

Hoorah! Our time here’s not over yet! Good thing is we already pre-agreed not to linger much on the sandbar but to visit the other attraction just a few minutes away from the beach – the Pescador Island. And the best thing we’ve ever done while we’re here? We’ve bumped on to one of our classmates in the Graduate School last semester! Isn’t it surprising? 😄


Kuya Ronald, our so helpful tricycle driver managed to find us a boat that would take us to Pescador Island for a fee of Php2,500.00. After the negotiations, each of us changed into our rash guards, grab our things and boarded M/V Bosyong (if I heard it correctly 😝).

Complete casting for Pescador shooting! LOL 😜😜 Meet Barney, Michael, Me, Roma, Lailai, Cath, Miss Kay and Sir Ed.

Our journey to the island was met with big and chilly waves. Even before getting any near to Pescador, the eight of us were already soaked with salt water from head to foot. Our on-way sail wasn’t boring at all. Not to mention the splashing waves, we saw Badian Island and the mountains of Dumaguete along the way.

In a matter of 20 waving minutes, Pescador Island became larger and larger. The very first thing you would notice when you get nearer to it is the lighthouse. Our boat arrived next to two more who departed earlier than us. One of those boats carried foreigners and Filipinos alike who were professional divers.

See those bunch of lifejackets? Very orange right! 😎

Secured by a lifejacket and with a google in one hand, one by one, we made our way to the clear greenish waters.

That’s us! Having the times of our lives 😎😎

image  image

Seat and cheat mate in college, turned workmate, turned fellow masterand, turned favorite travel buddy! 👭

Moalboal has been gifted with rich, beautiful and healthy underwater life. “Deep blue sea” were words I have only read in science books. But on this trip, I have seen with my very own eyes what those three enchanting words really meant.

The only downside with this trip is we don’t have an underwater camera with us. So sayang talaga! 😢😢 We just settled in snorkeling then, with only our naked eyes to witness the beauty hidden beneath these waters. However, I’ve grabbed some pictures from other travel bloggers via Google images to show you how extraordinary Pescador’s wealth is. Thank you G(oogle)!

image    image

image  image


Pescador Island is a breathtaking sight from afar. I have mentioned it earlier that the very first thing you would notice upon nearing the island is a lighthouse. Well, my curiosity side got the better of me and along with my friend (Roma), I started climbing the sides of Pescador.

Living in the sunshine 😎😎😎
Living in the sunshine 😎😎😎

image image

When we stepped foot in the surface of Pescador, there’s not really much to see except the green bushes and the feel of sharp stones under our feet. I didn’t pursue finding the way to the lighthouse though. I might be eaten by a wild snake there! 🐍

The view from the island is really and literally breathtaking. 📷
The view from the island is really and literally breathtaking. 📷

After some 45 minutes of swimming here and snorkeling there, we boarded back our boat and went on to see another attraction – the sardines dancing. We traveled back for another 10 minutes and thank goodness, it wasn’t that of a wavy ride compared to our first.

When we arrived at the spot, the sea was so disturbed and it is very risky to swim without a life vest. Grabbing my googles, I slid off from the sides of the boat and started watching out for the sardines.

Oh my goodness! The underwater sight is just so amazing. It was my first time to see what a “school of fish” really looks like. I keep on watching them swim in circles and the idea that a shark may suddenly appear from out of nowhere scared me from ankles to my scalp. Well, I really bet there are sharks in the area. We were just thankful they didn’t appear that day. 😇😇 (Here’s my grabbed photos from Google images again as we don’t have an underwater cam. 😏😏)

image image


The waves may be quite disturbing our boat and us during this watch, but looking beneath the chilly waves, is a very peaceful and calm sardine dance. 😊

We started boarding back our boat and the captain made its way towards bringing us back to Bas Dako shores.

I swear the weather was really cooperative that day, the seas however was slightly not. The trip was truly very amazing and educational on my part. Aside from seeing  what those aquatic and marine beings in my science books really look like in person, I also came to know my companions better. 😊😊😊

What can I suggest if any of you decides to visit Pescador?? Well, be sure you know how to swim, do not forget to bring underwater cameras, bring with you the funniest and craziest friends you have, and don’t forget to set your shark scare feelings aside. 😝😝 Sail on! ⛵️⛵️⛵️

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