Early Holiday Morning Moalboal!

August 31 every year is celebrated as the National Heroes Day in the Philippines. I do not usually wake up early on days like this – like as early as 3 o’clock in the morning! 🙊 But since this day is meant to be spent with some of the craziest people I’ve met on this planet, waking up that early isn’t so much of a difficult feat.

image      image

Moalboal is a celebrated town in the southern part of Cebu because of its three famoust tourist attractions – the White Beach or known locally as ‘Bas Dako’, Pescador Island, and the sardines watching.

We started the day at 7-Eleven store across the Cebu South Bus Terminal, where we had also bought our light snacks for the trip. We then proceeded to the terminal to catch the next bus trip to Moalboal. Lucky lucky indeed! We we’re able to take a ride with a Ceres airconditioned bus! Right after the bus have made its take off (parang airplane lang LOL 😆😆), the six of us dozed to sleep in minutes.

This is Roma by the way! 👍

Hooray! Its already Moalboal when we wiped our second batch of morning stars! We expected to arrive in the town proper after 3 to 4 hours. However, we managed to alight the bus at around 6:47 a.m. Thanks to our early bird instincts and actions, we avoided much of the heavy traffic.

We immediately took a quick breakfast in one of the ‘karenderias’ we saw in town. And instead of going directly to Bas Dako, we decided to roam around the town first and feel the ambiance of Moalboal.

Our first stop was the town church. I haven’t really talked with the locals about the history of the town, but according to my research, this church in the picture is the ruins of San Juan Nepomuceno Church established on the year 1852.

FB_IMG_1441329109759  20150831_064943

Across this ruined church, is the Municipal Hall of Moalboal.


Meet my hubby 😍

After staying a couple of minutes to take some group shots, we then decided to find a ride that would take us to ‘Bas Dako’. We found one in the name of Kuya Ronald, the driver and his 6-seater tricycle. He asked us if we want to see the town park before heading to the beach and we agreed as we still have plenty of time to catch up later with the waves. We take each of our places in Kuya Ronald’s tricyle and hooray! He brought us to ‘Moalboal: Dagway sa Paraiso’.



The place is beautiful and so refreshing to the mind. Green plants reenergized my eyes and the flowers were just so perfectly placed that it really captured my soul.


Here’s Roma again! Feeling like a queen on a wall of yellow flowers 😀😀

Its a perfect place for romantic shots actually 😍

FB_IMG_1441345864039  image

You’ve already met Roma right? Now here’s the other #PublicAdMinions.. Yours truly, Michael, Barney, Cath and Lailai. Welcome to Villa Moalboal ☺️

Though I haven’t visited this park at night time, I bet this is a good place to stand by and slowly reminisce the memories of your past life.

We ended our town visit with this beautiful jump shot!

1, 2, 3 JUMP! 😜

When you have any plans to visit any of the famous attractions in Moalboal, never ever forget to spend some minutes in this park. I can’t really explain it in words, but it’s really a very good place to start your day in town.

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